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The tourism culture festival and real estate investment promotion seminar in tongshan district of xuzhou will open”


On June 22, tongshan zone tourism culture festival tourism real estate investment seminar held in tongshan county area ridge manor, attending the guests with Chinese claborate-style painting master, currently he is member of Chinese claborate-style painting association vice-chairman, vice chairman of jiangsu artists association, the national level artists YuJiGao, xuzhou city vice mayor li yan, xuzhou tourism bureau Luo yongxin, tongshan zone district, director of guang-min liu, tongshan Ma Xinglai district tourism bureau and investors from all over the country attended the meeting. The festival theme of huitong the world, the lucky tongshan, cultural festival each link display the long history of quotation and open innovation, special tourism products and intangible cultural experience with quotation of local culture. This tourism cultural festival and tourism real estate investment promotion agency will focus on the plot is the town of hanwang in tongshan district.The town of hanwang has successively won the honorary titles such as "tourism famous town of Chinese characteristics", "Chinese culture tourism name town", "jiangsu province characteristic landscape name town", "jiangsu province garden small town" and so on.The tourism development foundation of the whole town is superior, the ecological environment is beautiful, the historical culture is deep, the location advantage is obvious. The director of the tourism bureau of xuzhou city, yu yongxin, presented the award to the winners It was said that liu bang had been beaten back to hanwang town by xiang yu. The time was high noon, and the sun was burning and the soldiers were tired.When he got up to draw his sword, the spring came out with his sword, and at the same time, the BMW of liu bang used his hoofs to dig the ground, and he took out a fresh spring, so the name was drawn from the spring and the spring.Liu bang rousing spirit, highlight the heavy wai, after xingyang world war defeat xiang yu, the western han dynasty established. At present, hanwang as powerful tourist town in jiangsu province, relying on its tourism resources, location advantage, such as perfecting tourism related facilities in the area, on the basis of increase the intensity of tourism development, improving tourism development depth, expand the tourism development space, make tourism has gradually become the dominant industry of hanwang town of the national economy.On the basis of the existing eco-tourism and tourism agriculture, we will energetically develop ecotourism.Relying on the advantages of forest fruit, developing tourism ecological maintenance tourism;Relying on the advantages of mountains and rivers, we will develop an experience health tourism.Relying on the cultural characteristics, the development of the resort cultivation and health tourism. All over the thousand mountains, jinshan silver mountain in tongshan.The merchants together field inspected the tongshan district luliang shan scenic spot.Lu liangshan scenic area has the provincial tourist resort of luangshan, the eco-tourism demonstration area of the lake, and the 4A class tourist area of the lake, where the resort is the core area of luliang.There are 3 plots in the scenic area: luliang mountain block.The plot is located in the west of lake luliang scenic area, which is about 1000 mu. The land is the construction land, which is intended to develop special projects such as small town, animation game film base and other aspects.Luliang mountain park plot.This plot locates at NiYuan village north, covers an area of about 2100 mu, the properties for yo version of farmland and unused land, the land is located in the foot of the mountain, a slightly undulating terrain, is a mountain, mountain park stadium projects such as the ideal place.Luliang enterprise resort hotel plot.The plot is located in the northern bank of luliang lake, with an area of about 247 mu, and the land nature is the construction land, which can be used as a resort hotel, commercial real estate, etc. The micromountain lake area focuses on the development of lake and island development.To highlight the functions of water recreation, island entertainment, theme entertainment, country entertainment, fishing and leisure and other functions, form a comprehensive vacation program integrating sightseeing, leisure, vacation, recuperation and sports. Through micro film presentation, PPT presentation and on-the-spot investigation, the clients of tongshan's tourism resources and investment environment have been given a higher evaluation, showing a higher investment desire. In particular, tongshan is proud to be the master of painting and painting master yu jigao, who came to participate in the tourism culture festival and promotion seminar.Mr Yu jigao's paintings are the beauty of nature, especially the beauty of flowers and birds, which are "transformed" by thought and skill, which are depicted in a real and vivid and elegant way.Now, he is the vice President of Chinese painting and painting society, vice chairman of jiangsu meixie association, and yu jigao, a national first-class artist, who has not been tired of fame, and continues to search for the way forward on the way of painting and bird painting.Appreciate his painting, like to listen to a reality, or nasty tube numerous jiangnan silk string, his painting is the praise of nature, to the life of praise, echoing of beauty and love, can arouse the people to love life, love Labour, love country, the people of good feelings and noble sentiment, in silent place to feel the pulse of The Times, heard the artist's voice.Located in tongshan, yu jigao art museum is an important scenic spot of tongshan culture tourism, a symbol of tongshan cultural brand. It is understood that after the cultural festival of the tourism culture festival and the tourism real estate investment promotion of tongshan district, the festival of flowers, pickets and food festivals in tongshan district has been launched.Weishan lake wanmu wild lotus blossom bloom, luliang mountain scenic spot ziwei garden as the fire;The lianpeng picking festival of weishan lake and the grape harvest festival in liuji town offer the gift of nature.Fu sheep festival, ho qiao town mutton fragrance, health health.Tongshan always takes the most enthusiastic attitude, welcomes more friends to visit, and welcomes more merchants to invest in the business. The tongshan district tourism culture festival and the tourism real estate investment promotion agency will complete the signing of 11 projects.