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Mayor zhou tigan to lv liang shan scenic spot investigation


On the morning of April 6, mayor zhou tien went to luangshan scenic spot investigation.City, district leaders wang hao, li yan, zhao liqun, wang weifeng, liu guangmin, ge yijun, avenging, chang le.
Zhoutien first came to ni yudong village and ziwei garden to learn more about the project content, service facilities and management measures in the scenic spot.Zhou Tiegen pointed out that should further improve the overall planning of the scenic spot, improve construction standards, greening to more level, strive to have a greater promotion in the appearance, must be good at landscape and tell stories at the same time, raise public awareness of the scenic area, to attract more tourists to come for sight-seeing.
At the construction site of the huaxia xueong project, zhou tigan received reports on the planning, construction, layout and functions of the project.Xuzhou Zhou Tiegen points out, is the birthplace of Chinese culture, China's place in the long river of Chinese history and culture, and the planning, construction and use of huaxia east must embody the features of han culture, transformed into tourism resources at the same time, let more people know xuzhou.
Zhoutien's line also investigated the lake resort hotel, the ecological farm and the sun city pension center.It is understood that in recent years, lu-liang mountains scenic area closely around creating provincial tourism resort, provincial ecological tourism demonstration area and national 4 a level scenic spot target positioning, follow the "scientific planning, moderate development and protection, the careful construction" principle, adhere to the investment promotion and capital introduction and project construction two lines do not shake, constantly optimize the investment environment, to key projects to speed up the construction of tourism projects, and communities in improve tourism service level, the scenic area development made new achievements.
Zhou pointed out that luangshan scenic area is a cultural mecca of xuzhou city, and the garden is a great place to inherit the traditional Chinese culture.It is important to persist in the play of lu liangshan scenic spot as the home and body of xuzhou people, making it a new economic growth point in xuzhou, the highlight of urban development and the hotspot of tourism.
For the next step development, Zhou Tiegen requirements, to speed up the perfect lu-liang mountains scenic area overall planning, to make it more reasonable system, especially in the planning of functional areas to ecology, tourism and service to carry on the organic fusion, must work hard in the scenic area construction, at the same time more represents the scenic area planning and brand;To bring about a new round of the climax of scenic spot construction and environment promotion, accelerate the construction of channel, fitting of urban area, completes the infrastructure and supporting facilities construction of scenic spots, let functional project more mature at the same time;To innovate organization propulsion systems and mechanisms, rationalize the scenic spot construction operation main body, enhance the level of overall coordination of the work and quotation to lu-liang mountains scenic area construction on the important agenda, each related department should fully support, should actively introduce social resources to participate in the construction, further improve the quality of tourism.