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    • The CPPCC inspected the construction of luliang scenic area in tongshan district


On March 24, the chairman of the CPPCC Wang Hao rate inspection team to luliang scenic spot carry out special inspection, the city leadership li-qun zhao, Zhou Baochun, wang jun, Pisano g, guang-min liu, Bai Youqing activities together, always happy, etc.
Wang hao pointed out that we should continue to promote the construction of luliang mountain scenic area, constantly strengthen the infrastructure construction, highlight the project of the hydropower project, and lay a solid foundation for the landing of more development projects.We should adhere to the principle of combining protection and development, and establish a sense of quality.We will improve the comprehensive improvement of the rural environment and accelerate the restructuring of the agricultural industry.Innovative investment and financing to develop new models, effectively strengthen the management of scenic spots and improve management level.
Luliang scenic area planning area of 186 square kilometers, the mountain green water show, rich tourism and cultural resources, through continuous development, has become a famous and xuzhou famous garden, known as the most beautiful mountain, beautiful livable village in jiangsu, is a national 4 a level scenic spots and provincial ecological tourism demonstration area.