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        • The scenic spot carries out "study the party constitution, revisits the party oath" activity


Solid scenic area administration to carry out the "learn the party constitution, to review the party oath" activities, recently, the management office five party branch more than 40 members positive response, in the face of flag solemnly swear, revisit the party oath. In the study, the secretary of the party committee of the scenic spot party committee has asked all party members to further correct their thoughts and attitudes, to be pure in the party's motivation, to be truly ideological and to join the party.Keep in mind the identity of party members, keep in mind that the party's objective, don't forget the party's ideals and goals, give full play to the cutting edge exemplary role of party members, enhance their awareness of the importance of party spirit, completes the labor of hard work, to create the national AAAA level scenic spot to make due contributions. The staff and staff of the scenic area said that they should combine this activity with the improvement of work style and promote the work to achieve tangible results.