Secondary classification


                • Hang water lake scenic spot to create 4A scenic spot


Held on October 11th morning, scenic area management office to create dispatch meetings, 4 a scenic spot area and administration leadership Liu Jing, always happy, deep Sun Aiguang, Lou, Zhang Bangjun and district tourism bureau director guo Finn to attend the meeting.
The meeting was built around 4A, and each project was responsible for reporting on the project progress, the time nodes and the existing problems.
Jinni district to further emphasize the importance of the 4 a to create and demand management broad masses must improve the work efficiency, pay attention to the linkage between the various departments, go all out to ensure that create task.The director of guo kaifen discussed the creation of existing problems and related comrades, and pointed out that he should speed up the progress and catch the points.In the end, the party secretary asked the relevant responsible comrades to carry out the speech spirit of liu jing district to carry out the spirit of the long speech, and to make a strong effort to overcome the difficulties and take down the task of creating the 4A class.